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Located in Houston, TX, Vital Health & Wellness Center is a facility that is proud to offer a diverse range of analysis and treatment options to help guide our clients toward reaching their personal weight loss goals. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing a number of services, including comprehensive lab evaluations, metabolic testing, nutritional counseling, customized diet and exercise plans, and lipotropic injections.

The customized treatment plans developed by Dr. Vital along with the support of our experienced team members ensures a safe and sensible timeline to help each of our clients achieve lasting lifestyle changes. We are happy to set up consultations for men and women who may be struggling with their body weight and work with them to gain new confidence in their appearance.

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If you’re tired of trying out new and popular diet plans without lasting results, and are frustrated by exercise programs that aren’t helping you to shed the pounds that stand between you and your ideal weight, then maybe it is time for a new option. With physician-guided weight loss programs and fully customized treatment plans, the team at Vital Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX is committed to helping patients make healthy lifestyle changes that will give them a fresh, new appearance and a renewed feeling of positivity in their lives.

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Dr. Karla Vital

Dr. Karla Vital is an experienced board-certified physician who has been practicing medicine for more than two decades. Following her graduation from the University of Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Vital pursued an internal medicine residency at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. After spending countless hours providing guidance to patients about the impact of dietary intake on overall health, she shifted her focus away from nephrology and toward the field of bariatric medicine. An avid learner and lifelong wellness advocate, Dr. Vital is proud to be the owner and medical director of Vital Health & Wellness Center, as well as an active member of multiple groups dedicated to advocating the importance of treating obesity.

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"Friendly staff! Amazing doctor!"



"Truly amazing!! They helped me alot with my weight loss and I'm keeping it off with great results!!!!"



"I love coming here. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. Dr. Vital is very attentive. She takes the time to sit and talk with you about your goals and the best way to achieve them. They also have several new treatments that are a great compliment to your regimen. Check them out. You won’t regret it."



"These people are awesome. They have been helpful and encouraging and I’m seeing the results of the advice and plans they’ve made with me. I highly recommend Dr. Vital and her assistant, Star! 🌟"



"Dr. Vital and her staff are amazing! Always feel as though I’m being treated with understanding and kindness! Thanks!"




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The team here at Vital Health & Wellness Center understands that every person who comes to us seeking support for their weight loss journey will have unique needs and specific concerns. We firmly believe that supporting each of our clients as they take part in our customized treatment plans is the best way to help them make lasting lifestyle changes. Our motivated staff uses cutting-edge technology and the latest medical advances to provide counsel and guidance for patients while maintaining a safe and realistic timeline for reaching individual weight loss goals. The impact of even a small loss of weight goes beyond outward physical appearance and can have a lifelong impact on your internal health and well-being.