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About our Analyses

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a method frequently used by physicians to gain a deeper understanding of a person’s unique body composition. Specifically, body fat and muscle mass are determined through the analysis of an electrical current that flows through a person. By testing the nature of this current inside a person, important information regarding their body fat, muscle mass, and other factors can all be revealed through an efficient, easy-to-use device. At Vital Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX, board-certified physician Dr. Karla Vital commonly uses this type of analysis to gain an accurate understanding of a person’s current physical attributes so that she can effectively develop a customized treatment plan for their weight loss needs.

Ideal Candidates

Because having an accurate understanding of your body composition is integral to any customized treatment plan developed by Dr. Vital, BIA is an efficient method used by our staff to monitor the current condition of our patients. Any person who is involved in a weight loss program, or who may be considering developing one for themselves, is an ideal candidate for the quick, easy analysis. Through the use of body composition analysis, we will be able to determine how effective your customized weight loss strategy has been at helping to achieve ideal body weight and muscle mass.


BIA testing involves the use of a highly sophisticated device that may seem very similar to a regular scale but makes use of state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of information. Performed in a matter of minutes, computer-assisted analysis of various measurements is done using electrodes similar to the ones normally seen during an EKG. The device can calculate information about your tissue, muscle mass, fat deposits, and other statistics by passing an undetectable electrical current through pads that are placed on the hand and foot. Because lean tissue is a better conductor of electricity than fatty tissue, the flow of the electrical current can be used to efficiently calculate your body composition.

What to Expect

As a simple procedure that can be performed in one of the private treatment rooms at our facility in Houston, TX, BIA has no side effects or recovery time. After sitting or lying down in a comfortable position, a member of our staff will attach electrode pads to your hand and foot to begin the analysis. Once complete, you will be free to leave right away if there are no additional procedures scheduled during your current visit. Dr. Vital will keep you updated regarding the results of the analysis, as well as provide any important information about how those results may have an impact on your weight loss journey.

The Answers You Need

Using state-of-the-art technology at our facility in Houston, TX, board-certified physician Dr. Karla Vital and our team at Vital Health & Wellness Center can provide a bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine the overall composition of your body. Whether you are actively seeking to lose weight, or are struggling with other nutritional challenges, a BIA can help you and our professional staff to better understand the specific condition of your body, as well as the most effective measures needed to help you reach your weight loss goals. Be sure to call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about your body composition and how we can help you achieve lasting lifestyle changes.

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