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Nutritional Prescription in Houston, TX

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About Nutritional Prescription

At Vital Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX, board-certified physician Dr. Karla Vital offers several weight loss reduction treatments that can help you to make lasting lifestyle changes and effectively maintain your target body weight. Our professional staff is happy to work closely with patients to develop customized treatment plans that use state-of-the-art medical practices and cutting-edge technology. We encourage you to experience the real difference that a medically supervised weight loss program can have on your journey to improved health and lasting weight loss. By performing a variety of tests and gathering important information about your current lifestyle, Dr. Vital will be able to work with you to develop a unique plan that is tailored to fit your personal needs.

An In-Depth Medical Evaluation

Once you have had a consultation to discuss your concerns and target weight loss goals, a series of thorough medical evaluations will be performed by our team so that Dr. Vital can develop an effective customized treatment program. The following important information will be evaluated:

  • Your general health history
  • Any medications and supplements you are currently taking to determine their impact on your weight loss efforts
  • A comprehensive blood panel exam to monitor insulin resistance, thyroid functionality, and other potential imbalances
  • A short physical exam to observe your current physical health
  • A body composition analysis to check body fat and muscle mass

By utilizing this information, Dr. Vital will be able to design a program that is best suited to helping you lose weight and provide you with the tools needed to avoid having those same pounds return in the future.

Lifestyle Evaluation

In addition to comprehensive testing, Dr. Vital will also have a conversation with you about various aspects of your daily life, including physical activity, food choices, your personal views on losing weight, and other topics. To lose weight effectively, it is important to take a serious look at your normal habits and daily routines. At Vital Health & Wellness Center, each member of our team wants to provide you the support you need to make positive, lasting changes in your life.

Nutrition and Meal Plans

By assessing your general diet and the types of nutrition that you consume regularly, it will be possible to determine what may be causing excess fat storage to develop and those unwanted pounds to be building up. If you have a desire to lose weight, then you will need to take a serious look at your daily food intake and get more information about what your body truly needs for proper nourishment. At Vital Health & Wellness Center, our team is motivated to help you reach your target weight loss goals by using a physician-guided treatment program that is customized around the principles of real food, personal accountability, the right supplements, and more. 

What to Expect

Because every patient is a unique individual, they naturally have different needs and goals that may depend on their specific habits and personal lifestyle. Based on this understanding, we are happy to offer a variety of treatments that can be effectively combined as part of a personalized weight loss plan that has been designed by Dr. Vital just for you. You can always expect to be treated with the highest level of compassion and consideration while working with our professional medical team at Vital Health & Wellness Center.

Let's Take Off the Weight

By working with board-certified physician Dr. Karla Vital and our team at Vital Health & Wellness Center, we are certain that you will be able to achieve success in your weight loss journey. Dr. Vital has extensive experience in helping patients develop a customized treatment plan that is tailored to match their unique body composition and unique nutritional needs. Be sure to contact our office in Houston, TX today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you make positive lifestyle changes and lose those stubborn pounds you may have been struggling with.

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