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In addition, many of you have asked:

  • What nutritional supplements should I be taking and just how important are they to my being healthy?
  • What supplements are best for certain conditions?
  • Do any of my supplements interfere with my medications?
  • How do I know if my supplements are the best quality?

We are proud to provide you with a comprehensive nutritional program that will solve these issues and place you on the right track for optimal health. We have chosen nutraMetrix® Advanced Nutraceuticals as one of our recommended product lines. We are also pleased to carry Celebrate Vitamins, a specialized line of bariatric supplements.

Dr. Karla Vital is pleased to offer:

  • A customized analysis of which supplements are necessary and the recommended dosage
  • A complete line of highest quality nutritional supplements designed by health professionals, available exclusively at healthcare practices
  • Isotonic capable supplements – liquid supplements providing maximal absorption for many nutrients
  • A specialized line of bariatric supplements for individuals that have had LapBand surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or duodenal switch
  • The convenience of ordering your supplements from your home computer

Schedule a visit with our office for a free sample of our healthy snacks and to purchase our nutritional supplements. For more information, please visit our store at www.nutrametrix.com/drvital or to reorder your nutritional supplements, please contact us today.

In addition, many of you have asked about other ways to take charge of your health outside of the office. Maintaining adequate physical activity, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and stress reduction are all important. Saving money and time by purchasing items online can be helpful if it allows you the opportunity to focus on these things.

Best of health!


Dr. Karla Vital

Losing weight involves more than will power so arm yourself with the tools you need to be successful. Make an appointment today to learn how we can help you.