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About Weight medications

Have you been struggling to lose weight despite trying out all of the latest trends in dietary plans and committing to all the newest fads in the exercise community? If so, then you may want to consider a physician-supervised weight loss program. At Vital Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX, board-certified physician Dr. Karla Vital has years of experience helping patients achieve their target weight through effective support and by prescribing the right medications and treatment plans to promote long-term changes for the best results. By having a consultation and evaluation with Dr. Vital, she will be able to develop a uniquely customized treatment plan that will be the right fit for your dietary needs and weight loss goals. Be sure to contact our office to schedule an appointment and learn more about the great resources and treatment options our talented team offers.

Treatment Options

After a consultation with Dr. Vital to address your needs and target weight loss goals, a medical evaluation will be performed so that our team can develop a fully customized treatment program. The following important information will be taken into consideration:

  • Your past health history
  • Any medications or other supplements you may be taking
  • The results of a comprehensive blood panel exam
  • Information gathered during a short physical exam
  • Data provided by a body composition analysis

Through this information, Dr. Vital will design a treatment program that is focused on helping you lose weight while providing the tools you need to avoid seeing those pounds make a comeback in the future.

Ideal Candidates

Individuals who are unhappy with their current weight or are already struggling to reach elusive target weights make great candidates for our supervised weight loss programs at Vital Health & Wellness Center. The patients who will see the best results from our treatment programs include those who have BMIs in the range considered to be overweight, are more than 100 pounds above their goal weight, or are unable to maintain a healthy weight through regular diet and exercise. By taking part in one of our supervised weight loss programs, it will become possible to gain the resources and support you need to make healthy, lasting lifestyle changes and reach your goals.

What to Expect

Our experienced staff at Vital Health & Wellness Center understands that each of our patients will have their circumstances and will respond differently to our treatment programs. Every person’s weight loss program will be uniquely developed by Dr. Vital to suit your personal needs while working toward achieving your desired goals. Our team is proud to have helped numerous men and women reach their target weights in a safe, healthy way that promotes lasting lifestyle changes and prevents the return of unwanted fat. Through professional advice, compassionate care, and with the application of proven methods for success, the team Vital Health & Wellness Center is confident that you will be able to trust us with your weight loss journey.

Let's Take Off the Weight

Board-certified physician Dr. Karla Vital and the team at Vital Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX are proud to offer a variety of safe and effective treatment options to help you reach your target weight and enact lasting lifestyle changes to prevent unwanted fat from returning in the future. By having a consultation and evaluation with us, our experienced staff will be able to work with Dr. Vital to develop a fully customized treatment plan that will be focused on helping you achieve long-term success. To learn more about the various weight loss treatment programs and prescriptions we offer, contact our office to schedule an appointment today.

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